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Unique Perspective.

The principals of Sea Run Advisory Group have had very successful careers in the institutional investment management industry. We have held a variety of sales and management positions, and were directly involved with raising close to $10 billion in assets during our careers. Through these experiences, we developed the expertise to assist our clients, and gained an ability to relate directly with them on the challenges they face. LEARN MORE

We provide advice.

Our experience and unique perspective allow us to offer clients a wide range of capabilities. We have strong convictions about what it takes to be successful in this industry. The investment staff and business development associates must work closely and effectively together for the firm to reach its potential. Contact us to discuss how we can help you maximize your opportunities. LEARN MORE

How to work with us.

Our interest is in helping our clients improve their ability to raise capital in the institutional marketplace. We are able to work with your firm on either a project or retainer basis. Our combination of experience and expertise, along with flexible terms provide a compelling solution for you and your associates to benefit from. CONTACT US