Business Development Advice

Strategic planning advice

  • Analysis of business development strategy
  • Periodic review of objectives and progress
  • Suggestions for adaptations to strategy
  • Advice on territory structural issues
  • Discussions about issues with individual sales professionals and potential solutions
  • Availability to interview potential candidates for sales positions, or for internal assignments
  • Advice on compensation issues

Sales operation review

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the firm, people and the investment process
  • Conduct an audit of recent business development activities
  • Analyze the key target markets for the firm
  • Review the system in place to track all activities
  • How is this information used to prioritize future activities and to prepare for meetings?
  • How effective is the follow up process with prospects?
  • What RFP’s were answered, and what was the result?
  • Analyze the effort to work with consultants
  • Evaluation of marketing materials used; brochures, presentations, newsletters, website
  • Present report of findings and recommendations

Field travel with sales professionals

  • Analysis of pre-call planning effort
  • Observation of meeting execution
  • Post-meeting review
  • Discussion of follow up steps from the meeting
  • Summary of observations and recommendations to management

Territory Management Plan review

  • Discussion of individual’s territory management plan
  • What system is used to track activities and progress?
  • Help improve the effectiveness of moving prospects forward
  • Is travel within the region being optimized?

Presentation analysis

  • Observations on the delivery of the presentation materials
  • Suggest changes that will improve the effectiveness of the content
  • Recommendations for improvement specific to each individual

Client List

  • Silver Creek Capital Management, LLC
  • Acuitas Investments, LLC

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